Just a few more days of voting, so let's bring home THE WIN!

Vote for Wintzell’s in the 2023 Nappies!

We are humbled beyond measure to have been named a finalist in SIX super categories in the 2023 Nappie Awards this year! These annual readers’ choice awards truly mean the world to small businesses like ours, so please consider showing some love to your local favorites, including Wintzell’s. The voting period ends at midnight on Sunday, May 28th, so be sure to vote daily until then. Winners will be announced by Lagniappe in mid-July. CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!!

  • Best Gumbo
  • Best Raw Oysters
  • Best Server, Casual (Miss Pinky)
  • Last Meal on Earth (Raw Oysters)
  • Best Bloody Mary
  • Best Restaurant to Take Out-of-Towners

Happy voting, and cheers to our friends at the Lagniappe on another year of keeping Mobile funky!

Miss Pinky, a server at Wintzell's