When Oprah says it's good, we reckon it's pretty darn good.

Oprah Winfrey is wild about our West Indies Salad!

In the July issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah Winfrey recommends the best dishes to eat in every state. The article, “The Best Things to Eat in Every State,” describes itself as “an invitation to savor the most delicious tastes near and far.”

Wintzell’s, along with City Cafe in Northport, were the two eateries from Alabama that were featured in the publication, published monthly by Hearst. The Oprah Magazine writes this about Wintzell’s: “On most menus here, you’ll find tangy West Indies Salad — a cold seafood affair starring lump crabmeat, chopped yellow onion, and a liberal dose of vinegar. Mobile’s 75-plus-year-old Wintzell’s Oyster House marinates theirs for a thorough 24 hours, resulting in a sweet-sour dish as refreshing as an afternoon on a porch swing.”

Thank you, Oprah — and also to the folks at AL.com for covering news of this story, found here.

Oprah July magazine cover