Eat Your Heart Out… In Oysters For Charity, That Is

Posted on June 26, 2013 to News & Events

What’s the best way to eat an Oyster? Well, we suggest a squeeze of lemon and a dash of our Shuck’n ‘n Jive’n sauce over an icy cold oyster, followed by a leisurely gulp.

But, if you’re one of the ladies from the Distinguished Young Women (DYW) program – formerly America’s Junior Miss – you might have a different tactic.

Especially, say, if you’re in an oyster eating contest.

Wintzell, who’s the longest sponsor of the DYW program, sponsors an annual golf tournament for the program that’s raised $26,000 this year, and more than $200,000 over the past ten years.

But, hey- we’re foodies- so clearly, we’re enthusiastic fans for any sort of eating contest, especially when the cause helps to support young women across the country. This summer we hosted our annual DYW oyster eating contest at our original location in Mobile, AL.

The favorite, expected winner was Carly Mickelson of North Dakota, especially considering the state’s reigned champion for the past two years.

Carly Mickelson of North Dakota

Carly Mickelson of North Dakota

But, in a (well-deserving upset, Jimmienell Morgan of New Mexico took the cake (or shall we say pearl?) as the queen bee:


First place winner, Jimmienell of New Mexico

First place winner, Jimmienell of New Mexico

Incredibly, she ate more than 80 oysters in a mere five minutes. Seriously – let’s reiterate: 80 oysters in five minutes.

Since the cause was a good one, though, no one left feeling defeated — especially since the ladies were all united by the DYW program. The program was founded in 1958, right here in Mobile, as the largest and oldest scholarship program for young women in high school across the nation. To date, DYW has granted more than $93 million in scholarships, and mentors young women to be successful in academia, as well as with building lifelong relationships.
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