Wintzell’s Ventures to the Big Apple

Posted on June 10, 2013 to News & Events

You might think it’s a daunting task for us to pack up our bags from the quaint old South to venture to the Big Apple. (We admit it, you New Yorkers talk mighty fast.)

But once we caught a whiff of the 11th Anniversary Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, hosted by Southern Living from June 8 to 9, we forgot all about sweet tea and followed everything BBQ.

Here’s us at our stand representing Alabama Gulf Seafood.  In honor of our 75th anniversary, we were proud to serve Gulf oysters and champagne. Back home our oysters are served anyway you like ’em: fried, stewed, or nude.


Our Southern hospitality attracted many people to our venue, so we were able to make all kinds of new friends!

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At the end of the festival, we left happy, hungry, a little wet from Tropical Storm Andrea… but, most of all, very homesick for our ‘Bama.