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Wintzell’s Fairhope Awarded Largest Live Oak

Posted on February 17, 2014 to News & Events

On September 17th, 2014 – Wintzell’s Oyster House Location in Fairhope was honored as having the largest Live Oak tree in the city of Fairhope!

The Fairhope manager, Bryan, accepted the award at the Arbor Day festivities from the ladies of the Fairhope Treasured Tree program and Paige Turberville from the Chamber.

Live Oak

The beautiful Live Oak that stands outside of our Fairhope location is what helps make this Wintzell’s location one of the prettiest and most enjoyable!

Come stop by and sit under the famous Oak on our big outdoor deck!

fairhope OAK


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Celebrate Love at Wintzell’s

Posted on February 10, 2014 to News & Events

val 3Beginning Wednesday February 12th through February Saturday February 15th, Wintzell’s will be providing our loyal customers, whom we are so in love with, with a mouthwatering Valentine’s Day special – The Sweetheart Special

At our Fairhope, Eastern Shore and Orange Beach locations– A juicy steak topped with Wintzell’s delicious seasoning with an even juicier buttery lobster tail on top, served with a steamy baked potato and a side of broccoli.

For $24.48, this meal will not only provide your Valentines night with the right taste, but you will also receive a FREE Wintzell’s Hot Chocolate Brownie Dessert.

At our Downtown Mobile, West Mobile and Saraland locations- Available Friday Only is our Wine and Dine Your Valentine Special. This special includes TWO Redfish Bienville Entrée’s, a bottle of wine and a complimentary Hot Chocolate Brownie Dessert – All for $50.

Our Huntsville and Guntersville locations-Available Friday only is the Surf and Turf for $28.99 and our Red Fish Bienville!

If you are looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day Aphrodisiac, start off your Wintzell’s Valentines dinner with some of our famous oysters- served fried, stewed or nude! It is the perfect way to start your Valentine’s night off the “right” way.

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Wintzell’s Impressive Employee’s of November

Posted on December 5, 2013 to News & Events

Wintzell’s Montgomery Employee of the Month in November is Gail Eutsey!

Gail has been a server for us for two and half years. Gail dazzles her guests with her gracious Southern charm and wit.

Before Gail joined our Wintzell’s family, she walked the halls of Congress in Washington D.C. as a staff member for former U.S.
Representative Earl Hilliard.

Having served her constituents for years, Gail brings the same passion to serving her guests at Wintzell’s.

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Wintzell’s to Celebrate Willie Brown Day on November 23, 2013

Posted on November 20, 2013 to News & Events

Who: Anyone and everyone! Bring the whole family and all of your friends!

What: All South Alabama Wintzell’s locations will be celebrating Willie Brown Day and Wintzell’s 75th Anniversary by offering  43¢ raw oysters by the dozen plus 75¢ pints of Miller Lite and Coors Lite.

When: Saturday, November 23, 2013 beginning at 11am until 10pm.

Where: At all SIX South Alabama Wintzell’s locations –
Downtown Mobile, West Mobile, Saraland, Spanish Fort, Fairhope and Orange BeachVisit  for more information.

Details: On November 23, 2010, the City of Mobile proclaimed Willie Brown Day in honor of his forty years of service to Wintzell’s and the City of Mobile. Recently called a “tourist attraction in his own right,” Willie Brown is a fixture of Downtown Mobile. In October 2013, Mr. Brown was also honored by the Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Association as the 2013 Front-of-the-House Restaurant Employee of the Year.

This year also marks the seventy-fifth year of Wintzell’s being a Gulf Coast tradition. Founded in 1938 by J. Oliver Wintzell and initially began as a small, six-stool oyster bar, Wintzell’s now has 12 locations with more to come in 2014!

Mr. Willie Brown, Shucker Extraordinaire

Mr. Willie Brown, Shucker Extraordinaire

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Wintzell’s Best in October!

Posted on November 12, 2013 to News & Events

Wintzell’s Shining Stars for October 2013

Wintzell’s is proud to have such amazing, dedicated team members!! Next time you’re in one of these locations, be sure to ask for one of these shining stars!

Tiffany Scott is one of Montgomery’s Server Captains.  She has the Wintzell’s Montgomery record for most consecutive shifts being early or on-time to work. She  gets along great with everyone she works with, and her guests love the attention she pays them.  She is a terrific Wintzell’s employee!

Tiffany Scott

Tiffany Scott

Tiffany with co-worker Beau

Tiffany with co-worker Beau


Gloria from Guntersville

Gloria Matthews has been chosen as the Employee of the Month from Wintzell’s Oyster House in Guntersville.  Gloria has been with us since July of 2008 which was only one month after the opening of the Guntersville franchise.  She works in the back of the house in the pantry.  Gloria is responsible for making all of the delicious homemade items that come from pantry and making sure that we are prepped up and ready for success!  Gloria is here faithfully first thing in the morning, several days a week and is considered a leader in her department.  Ms. Gloria knows her stuff and she gets the job done.  She is affectionately known as “mama” by some of our staff members.  She is a very appreciated and valuable member of Team Guntersville!

Tuscaloosa’s Employee of the Month is Jarrod Thomas. He has only been with Wintzell’s for under two months, but has proven to be a valuable part of the kitchen staff. He has worked in the food service industry in the past and has great work experience!

In his short time here, he has learned the fry, grill, broil/sautee, and pantry stations. He does everything that is asked of him and is always looking to learn something new.

At our original location, in Downtown Mobile, Colby Robinson is our employee of the month.


Aerial from Orange Beach

Wintzell’s Orange Beach selected Aerial Flanagan has worked for Wintzell’s in Orange Beach for a year and a half.  She started as a hostess and has recently moved up to server.  She is always on time, takes her job very seriously, and balances work and school at Faulkner State without neglecting either.  Aerial is a valued employee and goes above and beyond every day which is why she is our employee of the month for October 2013.

Wintzell’s Decatur has selected two honorees!! The back-of-house honoree is a cook Jeremy Sirten and our front-of-house honoree is our hostess Jordan York. Both have been with us a short time, but they have come on with a strong desire to impress.


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Wintzell’s is Proud to Support St. Jude

Posted on November 6, 2013 to News & Events

The month of October at Wintzell’s was one for the kids!

All 12 Wintzell’s locations invited our guests to donate $1 to St. Jude when paying for their meal. In one month Wintzell’s and our guests were able to raise $4238.50!!!

We challenged each location as to who could raise the most for the kids! Our top three locations were Fairhope, Huntsville and Guntersville.  Both Fairhope and Huntsville raised over $1,000 each!

The Wintzell’s team members in our stores made it a personal goal to raise the most money for their location. Each location had its own way of raising the money creatively.

On Halloween night, Wintzell’s Fairhope Managers Matt and Bryan waited tables and donated all their tips toward St. Jude. Earlier in the month, Wintzell’s Manager, Chad, challenged his staff to raise $50 in one night – if they succeeded he would take a pie in the face. He walked out that night with not only a smile on his face, but also a pie.

managers halloween

Wintzell’s Fairhope Managers Matt and Bryan

manager pie face

Wintzell’s Manager Chad with a pie in the face

Wintzell’s Oyster House has been a supporter of St. Jude for many years. In that time, Wintzell’s has been a proud sponsor of the annual St. Jude walk at the Eastern Shore Centre, which will be taking place again this coming November 23rd, 2013. We also just recently catered the local St. Jude golf tournament in Point Clear.

Wintzell’s Oyster House and its guests are proud supporters of St. Jude.

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The Pearl in Our Oyster

Posted on October 29, 2013 to News & Events

Members of Team Wintzell's representing West Mobile, Downtown Mobile, Saraland, Eastern Shore Center and Fairhope.

Members of Team Wintzell’s representing West Mobile, Downtown Mobile, Saraland, Eastern Shore Center and Fairhope.

The Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance celebrated the best in Alabama’s hospitality industry Monday October 28th, 2014 with several of Wintzell’s employees recognized as “Stars” of the Industry.

Wintzell’s very own, Mr. Willie Brown, was awarded Front of House Employee of the Year during the event. Front-of House Employees must focus on making outstanding impressions on guests, and that is exactly what Willie has continued to do in his 43 years of work at the original Wintzell’s location on Dauphin Street.

Bob O and Mr. Brown - long time colleagues and friends

Bob O and Mr. Brown – long time colleagues and friends

Willie has been an outstanding oyster shucker at Wintzell’s for 43 years. As a long time employee, Willie has become as Mayor Sam Jones calls “A tourist attraction in his own right.”

Willie holds the rare gift of not only oyster shucking, but being able to relate to all of Wintzell’s guests who eat at the oyster bar.

The reception highlighted Alabama Gulf Seafood followed by a gourmet meal served by Battle House Executive Chef Marty Pollock. Following the meal was an award ceremony, highlighting winners in many different categories.

michelle employee at awards

Wintzell’s Hostess Michelle Hamilton at award ceremony with General Manager Bryan Injain from Wintzells Oyster House – Fairhope


Not only did Willie Brown shine for Wintzell’s, also manager Scott Wolfe from Wintzell’s Oyster House, Orange Beach was recognized as a finalist for Restaurant Manager of the Year award and Michelle Hamilton,  Wintzell’s Oyster House in Fairhope’s hostess, was also a finalist for the Spirit Award.

The Wintzell’s team walked away with their heads held high that night, feeling great about being some of the best in Alabama’s restaurant industry.

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Wintzell’s Best in September!

Posted on October 9, 2013 to News & Events

Wintzell’s is very proud of our employee’s and all the hard word they do for our guests. Hope you stop by one of these locations near you and meet these great members of our team.

Holly Chadwell is Wintzell’s Tuscaloosa’s employee of the month! 

Holly Chadwell, Wintzell's Tuscaloosa Emloyee of the Month

Holly Chadwell, Wintzell’s Tuscaloosa Emloyee of the Month

Holly is a junior at the University of Alabama and has been working for Wintzell’s in Tuscaloosa for nearly a year. She is a dedicated worker and great attribute to the Wintzell’s team!


chris employee of month

Chris Williams – Wintzell’s Eastern Shore Centre Employee of the Month

Chris Williams started with us as a dishwasher at the Eastern Shore Wintzell’s in January of 2012. He has proven himself as a valuable asset to the store.  We were so impressed with his work ethic, timeliness and sweet disposition that we recently promoted him to a cook.  He has done an outstanding job learning both grill and fry.  Congratulations to Chris!!



ariel employee

Ariel Rhodes, Wintzell’s in Montgomery’s Employee of the Month

Wintzell’s Montgomery’s September Employee of the Month is Ariel Rhodes. Ariel has worked as a host with Wintzell’s in Montgomery since February. Ariel does a fantastic job helping our guests as soon as they arrive. She always has the warmest smile and boundless energy.

Ariel excels at all her responsibilities. Whether she is hosting or taking To Go orders, she is passionate about making our guests happy.

guntersville employee

Tasha Snider- Wintzell’s Gunterville’s Employee of the Month


Tasha Snider has been selected as the Employee of the Month for the Guntersville Location.  Tasha has two boys ages 4 and 8 and is a volleyball fanatic.  Tasha is a great example of what every successful server should be.  Some of her strengths include her dependability, consistency in following her service steps and her salesmanship. More importantly she genuinely cares about the happiness of our guests and is a natural service giver.  She receives numerous compliments from our customers. Tasha has a great attitude, a smiling face and a team player spirit.  She is a great server and a trainer and is a very valuable member of our team.

Amber Jowers - West Mobile Employee of the Month

Amber Jowers – West Mobile Employee of the Month

The employee of the month for Wintzell’s West Mobile is Amber Jowers.  She has been with the company for a little over 2 years now.  She enjoys spending time with her children and pets.  We chose Amber because she is the example of every standard that we set.  She has a positive attitude, is team oriented, always looks sharp and in uniform, and very knowledgeable.

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Wintzell’s to Collect Guest Stories Celebrating 75 Years of Sentiment

Posted on October 1, 2013 to News & Events

Everyone has a story to tell. Wintzell’s seeks classic stories from guests over the past 75 years. Whether it was an engagement, graduation celebration or even that first terrifying bite of a raw oyster, Wintzell’s wants to hear it.

In honor of its 75th anniversary, Wintzell’s Oyster House seeks funny, special and sentimental stories from guests who have experienced their first oyster, engagements, anniversaries and other significant life moments. Starting October 1st, guests will be able to submit their stories on the Wintzell’s website or Facebook page.

Wintzell’s Oyster House was founded in 1938 by J. Oliver Wintzell and initially began as a small, six-stool oyster bar. In the words of our founder J. Oliver Wintzell, “I’m proud of the Oyster House in a lot of ways. It has sentiment for many folks. It was here as kids that they ate their first oysters. And here, too, husbands have gotten their finicky wives to eat their first oyster.”

“As Oliver used to collect witty sayings from guests, this is our opportunity to collect the stories of their experiences at Wintzell’s,” says Bob Donlon, President of Wintzell’s Oyster House.

Upon gathering and review of the stories, Wintzell’s will produce a commemorative book titled “75 Years of Sentiment.” Guests whose stories are chosen for the book will be invited to attend an anniversary celebration in January of 2014.

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