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Wintzell’s Franchise Questions

How long does the application process take from beginning to end?
The application process can take a few weeks to a few months, depending on a number of factors. We encourage you to start by complete the application along with providing us with your resume.

How much is the total investment required?
It is anticipated that in establishing and constructing a Wintzell’s Oyster House the Franchisee can expect to make a capital investment ranging from $350,000 – $450,000. There are many variables involved such as local building costs, contractor charges, landlord contributions, market conditions etc.

How much is the total franchise fee?

The fee is $35,000 for a single location. Contact us to discuss a market development agreement.

What does the franchise fee cover?

The fee secures the right to own and operate a Wintzell’s Oyster House unit in a prescribed territory, and the use of the Wintzell’s Oyster House trade name, trademarks, recipes, distinctive décor and manner of doing business.

Does Wintzell’s Franchise Company require royalty payments?

Yes, you will pay 4% of your net sales (exclusive of sales tax) to Wintzell’s Franchise Co. for the first year, 5% thereafter on a weekly basis.

What is the length of the franchise agreement?

Term of 15 years or length of lease (not including option years).

How many employees do I need?
50 -80 full and part-time.

Do I have to run the restaurant?

No, but we require you to have one General Manager and a minimum of 3 full-time Associate Managers.

Do I have to buy supplies from Wintzell’s Franchise Company?

Wintzell’s Franchising Co. requires the purchase of signature items such as gumbo and West Indies Salad.

How is the advertising handled?
Marketing and advertising are directed from the Corporate Office which defines the brand message, determines annual budgets and plans of action.

Where do I get the equipment & supplies necessary for opening a Wintzell’s Oyster House?
Wintzell’s Franchise Co. will provide Franchisee’s with a list of approved suppliers and items needed to open a Wintzell’s location.

In what areas is Wintzell’s Franchise company aggressively looking for franchisees?
We are activity seeking Franchisees in the Southeast Region and are open to Franchisees in the Eastern-half of  the United States.

How do I obtain a list of current & upcoming Wintzell’s Oyster House locations?
For more information, contact:

Bob Donlon / CEO
PHONE: 1-888-664-9112